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If I pocket my last C/m and the Queen in a single strike, is this a win or a lose or do you put the pieces in the center again?

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"If while shooting for the Queen you also sink one of your pieces, the Queen is automatically covered, no matter which went in first."

By this rule the game would be won along with the bonus for the Queen.

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What does "covered" mean? Win, lose or retry? – ire_and_curses Aug 15 '14 at 16:07
@ire_and_curses To end/win the game, the Queen must be "covered" (by either player). This means that after pocketing the Queen, you take another shot. If you don't pocket one of your C/m in this shot then you fail to cover the Queen, and the Queen is returned to the table. You must have pocketed at least one C/m to qualify to try to cover the Queen. If you win, you get bonus points if you were also the player to do this. – Samthere Feb 2 at 9:29

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