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One of the iconic races in Twilight Imperium are The Emirates of Hacan. However, there is no pronunciation guide.

I can think of many ways it could be pronounced:

  • HA-KAN /hɑkɑn/, rhymes with "spa don"
  • HA-ken /'hɑkən/, rhymes with "glocken"
  • huh-KAN /hə'kɑn/, rhymes with "pecan" (for some people)
  • HAY-ken /'hejkən/, rhymes with "shaken"
  • HACK-ken /'hækən/, rhymes with "slacken"

and so on...

Official sources are appreciated.

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It would appear there is no official source "Keep in mind there is no official pronunciation guide, so there is no one definitive answer, but Ha-KAHN is more likely. For one, the soft 'c' sound is something of a Romance language thing, with English acquiring it through the Norman conquests, and Hacan isn't a very Latinate word... So there's I think a lot of evidence for Hacan with a 'k' sound." according to this link:… – Tom Wilkinson Jun 10 '15 at 12:54
This also exists: but not directly related to the game itself. – Tom Wilkinson Jun 10 '15 at 12:55
Also an option based on some Eastern European languages it could be Ha-chan (properly written Hačan). – Samthere Apr 5 at 8:43

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