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I played a game of power grid with 6 players using the map of Italy, with one zone removed. In step 2, I had power plants to produce electricity for 11 (6-4-1) houses with cheap resources, and built 13 houses, preparing to end the game (14 houses) once a suitable plant is in the market. However, one of the players had plants to power 15 houses, so I didn't buy a 4-house plant in the market, fearing that once I bought it, he would build up to 15 houses immediately to win the game (he had 11 houses at that time), and waited for better plants.

Afterwards, step 3 was entered. My player order was 2 at that time. I bought a 6-house plant, replacing the 1-house plant, preparing to end the game with 16 houses, fully powered. However, the other players had filled in all the cities in the map immediately, with no more space left, making me unable to build the 3 additional houses to win the game.

Is this a rare scenario? Can this happen when everyone plays the game normally? Should I instead try to end the game earlier when I already had 13 houses?

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I've tweaked the title a bit to be more readable; feel free to edit it again if I've missed the point of your question. (The name of the game is in the question's tags, and a full sentence usually gets a better response than a sentence fragment.) (And feel free to flag this comment as obsolete whenever you like.) And welcome to Arquade! Wander by the tour when you have a moment. – Paul Marshall Aug 17 '14 at 20:02
@PaulMarshall This is not Arquade. :) – GendoIkari Aug 18 '14 at 1:42
@GendoIkari TO WHICH I SAY: oops? – Paul Marshall Aug 18 '14 at 4:06

If all the cities on the map have been filled in (35 cities in 5 regions), then SOMEONE will have built 14 cities and so the game ends -- 13 cities each for 6 players is only 78 of the 105 available places.

Its not necessary for a player to be able to power all 14 cities -- they just have to build them to trigger the end of the game. The player who powers the most cities at the end of that turn (even if it is less than 14) wins.

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