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In my solo campaign I played the "Home teacher" (The card that shows Obi Wan) and chose that as my first fixed profession for the following rounds. The card says something like:

At the end of the game you receive one bonus point for every profession you play after this one.

1 In the second game when I already have the teacher laying on the table and choose profession. Is that profession free or does it cost 1 food?

2 Also from the third game on I had the Teacher and other professions laying on the table from the start. Do all these professions give bonus points at the end or just the ones I actually play in that round?

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  • Yes, you need to pay 1 food for your second occupation. Note that the action space on the board reads:

A player's first occupation is free, each additional one costs 1 food

It doesn't say anything like "first occupation played from your hand" or anything like that.

  • Yes, you get bonus points for any occupation played after the Home Teacher. Per the solo rules, you choose the occupations as you play them. There is an implied ordering, just make sure you chose the Home Teacher first!
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