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I recently inherited a handful of games from a family member. One of those games happened to be Word Thief. When I sat down to play, I realized that the rulebook had been lost or was not included in the box. Is there anywhere that I can go to find the rulebook for this game?

The publisher appears to be Faby, which doesn't seem to have any sort of web presence.

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Did you try Googling? The top hit for the search rules word thief card game seems to be what you want:

Rules for Word Thief, by Faby games

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Actually, I did search around quite a bit for it. I recall coming across that link, but was hoping for something more like an official rulebook, which doesn't seem to be available anywhere. I'm guessing Faby no longer exists. But, you're right, I should have stuck with that result. – carmbrester Feb 25 '11 at 17:38

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