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Diplomacy only seems to have one set available to buy widely that I am aware of, built by Gibson Games.

It's nothing special, an averagely constructed cardboard board with plastic pieces.

Are there any other officaly distributed boxes available? Preferably available to order online.

There also lots of variations of Diplomacy available online, have any of these made it 'into the wild'?

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The original Hasbro Edition is probably the physically best edition ever made - much better than the current US version with cardboard counters.

The other highly recommended edition is the 1992 Deluxe Diplomacy by Avalon Hill, which turns up very occasionally and very expensively on eBay.

The only professionally printed Dip variants I know of are Colonial Diplomacy and Machiavelli.

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Would love to see pictures of the Deluxe Diplomacy set :) – Jon Hadley Oct 20 '10 at 10:35
Added a link to the page, but it doesn't have internal pics. – Richard Gadsden Oct 20 '10 at 12:54

I came across the following variants whilst doing a bit more digging at Board Game Geek:

The Anniversary edition with metal pieces, an 'Asmodee' edition, a German variant from the 70's and some amazing custom-built boards (one & two - shown below).

Custom Diplomacy Board at GenCon Ind

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The original has wooden pieces, not plastic. Blocks for the armies and flat pointed ovals for the fleets. But I haven't seen that in a while.

There have been versions in other languages (at least I know of a Dutch version).

Sorry no links.

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