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So, here's the thing. My dad plays Slivers for his Commander deck with Sliver Overlord as his commander. When he plays this deck, he always seems to get out Sliver Hivelord and Crystalline Sliver, thus making it impossible for my Green/Elves Commander deck (base deck is the Guided by Nature 2014 Commander but it has been pretty intensively emitted) to be able to beat him from that point on.

Is there a green or colorless card that I could incorporate into my deck in order to beat this combo, or is my deck just not going to be able to counter this?

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Depending on how far you want to go to tune your deck for this specific scenario you have a few options. If dealing with this combo is more important then staying mono-green looking at a black splash will open up a lot of the cards ideal for this match up.

General advice, Exile and negative toughness effects will still remove indestructible creatures, and Edicts (sacrifice effects that target the other player) will get around shroud as well.

Assuming that we are staying mono-green, Some specific Cards:
- Perilous Vault will get around both by exiling everything, I recommend saving it to both play and activate in the same turn to avoid getting it destroyed
- All is Dust will act as a board wipe
- Ugin, the Spirit Dragon another board wipe
- Aligned Hedron Network can deal with the Hive Lord
- Arcane Lighthouse remove shroud
- Bonds of Mortality will remove the indestructible
- Sword of Kaldra will exile something it deals damage to, this could be used with a lure to force blocks
- Pithing Needle or Phyrexian Revoker naming Sliver Overlord will stop the activated abilities on the Commander.
- Song of the Dryads,Lignify on the Overlord can slow down searching up the combo.
- Jester's Cap can remove the problem cards from his Library
- Damping Matrix can shut down the activated abilities of the commander
- Bind can counter one activation of search to buy time
- Triumph of the Hordes would also be a good answer to just go over in a green deck

Additionally you can look at some infect / wither for some creatures which will place -1/-1 counters which get around indestructible, or annihilator which will require sacrifice.

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Would Damping Matrix also counter the passive abilities that the Slivers have where they boost each other? – Cyberson Jan 20 at 4:26
@Cyberson No - activated abilities are things of the form "{cost}: {effect}" (note the colon) that you have to actually activate to use. (Also most slivers aren't artifacts.) – Jefromi Jan 20 at 5:26
@Jefromi Okay. So it negates abilities that cost without mana? – Cyberson Jan 20 at 5:29
@Cyberson No, the cost could be mana, tapping, sacrificing something, or anything. Just "{cost}: {effect}". If that's not clear you probably want to ask a new question. (Also sorry, Damping Matrix does work on creatures too, but yeah, those are not activated abilities.) – Jefromi Jan 20 at 5:31
you say "on the Queen", I guess you mean Overlord here. – Ivo Beckers Jan 21 at 10:33

First off, it may be far easier to keep him from getting to that point than it is to deal with it once he gets there.

Elves should be able to be pretty fast, and getting all five colors of mana to cast his commander should take some time. Deal enough damage fast enough, and even if he manages to get a couple indestructible blockers close to the end won't matter.

If he's relying on artifacts to help fix his colors, green definitely has ways to slow him down there. Naturalize is probably the canonical example, but there's plenty more. (Reclamation Sage is even an elf!)

You might be able to slow him down further by killing his commander before he can tutor for the other slivers he wants. Green's main way of doing that is fighting (think Savage Punch), which may take some work to set up, but if you have any big green creatures along with those elves it might work. And of course, if you're playing multiplayer, there's a good chance someone playing more removal-heavy colors will be happy to help out and destroy his commander.

If this really doesn't ever work out, you might want to ask whether the decks are really on the same power level. If he's got ridiculous mana fixing (fetch lands and dual lands and all) and you can't ever win anywhere near fast enough, it might mean that he needs to tone down his deck a bit or you need to push yours.

All that said, to answer your actual question... as you've noticed, green doesn't really have anything. It doesn't have much simple targeted removal, and it has even less that'll wipe the board. There's Ezuri's Predation from Commander 2015 (make 4/4s to fight everything) and a few things like Hurricane that deal damage to all creatures with flying, but not really anything that'll get past indestructible.

So if you really want to deal with this, you probably need the few colorless options:

But again, it might be better to try to overwhelm him before he can get going than to count on finding one of a small number of cards in your deck.

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All Is Dust Seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Of course, the real answer to this sort of weird shenanigans (man, I love that word) is to just kill them before they pull it off. Overrun effects paired with large numbers of creatures would fit this strategy quite well.

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Along the same line as [[overrun]], there are also lure effects to draw blockers away. – Hao Ye Jan 20 at 4:09

You'll want an untargetted exile or sacrifice effect. Off the top of my head, Perilous Vault would do the job. It would get your own guys, but you might have to just bite the bullet.

A new card might be able to help you: Bonds of Mortality. It doesn't get rid of shroud, but it makes them destroyable.

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