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Can my opponent cast Turn to Frog, to prevent 'Enter the battlefield' abilities?

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Typically, if you have several questions that are not dependent on each other, you should ask them in separate threads. – Hackworth Jan 28 at 4:49
The first part is a duplicate of this question as Drunk Cynic pointed out, but probably not the second part. So to keep this from being closed as a duplicate, I'm going to edit to leave just the second non-duplicate question, which seems well worth having! – Jefromi Jan 28 at 5:44
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No, Turn to Frog can only be cast on creatures that have already entered the battlefield, so it can't prevent ETB abilities from triggering.

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Turn to Frog is setting P/T, that's layer 7b. 7a is for things like Tarmagoyf (or Veteran Warleader for an example in current standard). – Michael Snook Jan 28 at 5:09
The answer to the other question is a little more subtle: if the creature entering has an ETB trigger, Turn to Frog can't stop it, but if a creature has a "whenever a(nother) creature enters the battlefield" ability, Turn to Frog can stop it if cast in response to casting another creature. – murgatroid99 Jan 28 at 5:11
I went ahead and edited this down to just the non-duplicate question - sorry for making some of your answer not apply, but as you said, multiple questions should be separate, and one of them was already there. You could post another answer on the dup if you want! – Jefromi Jan 28 at 5:46
The current situation here isn't good... the accepted answer has little to do with the current question. – GendoIkari Jan 28 at 18:15
I REALLY wonder why I get 2 downvotes on my answer. That is usually reserved for blatantly wrong answers, which mine obviously isn't, and since the OP accepted mine, it is clear he did not ask about fringe cases such as creatures triggering on other creatures entering the battlefield. – Hackworth Jan 28 at 20:03

There are two cases of "Enter the Battlefield" abilities.

If the ability is on the creature entering the battlefield, such as Abbot of Keral Keep, Turn to Frog isn't an answer. You can't target the creature until it has entered the battlefield. Once it has entered the battlefield, the Ability has already been triggered and is being added to the stack.

However, if the ability is on a creature already on the battlefield, such as Agent of Erebos or Ivy Lane Denizen, Turn to Frog is a valid answer. In response to any number of effects that would cause creatures to enter the battlefield, casting Turn to Frog while they are on the stack will pre-empt the ability. Turn to Frog will resolve first, affecting the target with the Enter the battlefield effect. When other creatures enter the battlefield, the ability no longer exists.

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In magic, when it said "target creature", that means that the spell can only target a creature that already is on the battlefield.

Some spells can target a creature (or other permanents) that are in the graveyard, or exiled, or the players themselves, but it's said explicitly in the spell. (thanks RainBolt) The conterspells target the spell itself and not the creature or whatever that the spell will summon

So all effects occuring when entering the battlefield already happened... and changing the force of the creature will not change that

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"you can only target a creature that already are on the battlefield" - outside of the battlefield there are no creatures. There may be creature spells but not creatures. – tsuma534 Jan 28 at 16:04
There are spells that target permanents, other spells‌​, cards in the graveyard, players, and cards in exile, so this answer isn't really correct. – Rainbolt Jan 28 at 16:06

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