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For an action space which states:

After A, also B

such as:

After Family Growth, also 1 minor Improvement

Does it mean that I must do both Family Growth and Minor Improvement?

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The first part is mandatory, the second optional.

See the rules pg. 5 for a discussion of that card.

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This is a general principle in Agricola, stated on p3 of the rules. You may not put a family member token on an action without taking that action. When the action says "do X", you must do X; when it says "do X or do Y", you must do either X or Y (but not both); however, when it says "after X, also Y", you must do X, but then you can choose to do Y but aren't required to. This principle probably made the action syntax simpler and more concise (for the purposes of printing on cards), but it also lead to a bit of incongruity in the syntax. – Viktor Haag Apr 4 '11 at 18:31

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