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In certain cases in Descent, a good player (in particular with the Overlord) can destroy the other side. However, I feel that Descent is most fun when it is well balanced right up to the end.

What handicaps, with emphasis on the Overload, are good to balance the play?

Ideally, I would like handicaps that would still allow both parties to play their best and still try to win (i.e. one side going easy does not count). I realize a lot of handicaps could also be scenario/expansion specific, but for now let's just stick to the base rules; or at least only suggest such handicaps as a secondary solution.

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My experience with Descent is that some maps are balanced towards the Heroes, and others towards the Overlord.

If you still find the heroes are losing a lot on most of the maps, in my opinion, your best bet is to pick up The Tomb of Ice expansion. It adds Feat cards for the heroes which are quite powerful, especially when you add them to the base maps.

If buying an expansion is not an option for you, there are many, many ways to rebalance the game. Some examples could include: Reduce the Overlord's threat by 1/turn, give the heroes more starting coins, allow the heroes to pick their starting characters or feats, use the monster cards designed for 1 fewer player etc.

Some of these are bigger balance shifts than others, but if you play around with them a little, you'll probably find something that helps.

Finally, it's possible that your hero team just isn't playing as well as the Overlord. This forum has pages of strategy for the heroes and Overlord. Why not get the hero team to have a look?

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Descent, unlike Doom, is balanced towards the Heroes; I find rather odd you're having trouble. Unless the heroes have very bad power combinations, they shouldn't have any problem.

Anyway, a nice help for the Heroes is to draw more powers than they would be allowed, and choose which ones to keep.

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