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In a monthly game night, my friend interprets the rules to say that if I have a village or city on my road, it reduces the "longest road" length. I interpret the rules as saying that my village/city on my road does not impact the road length.

Which is the correct interpretation?

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You are correct.

Your own cities do not affect your status towards the "Longest Road" You can view the official rules here, from pg. 9 (emphasis is mine).

You can break an opponent’s road by building a settlement on an open intersection along his road!

On page 8, in the example, Emily has the longest road card with 7 segments. She has two houses within those 7 segments.

This was also answered directly in the online FAQ as pointed out by @shemmon.

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To affect the road length, the village/city must be from another player.

And it only limits the counting of the road through that village/city. You can count up to the village/city that is not yours.

Also, here's a more official 'no:'

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