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This summer we have company staying with us, and they greatly enjoy playing Boggle. I'm looking to spice things up a bit, though - any ideas for Boggle variations that we can try? There will be two to four of us playing at any time.


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What about Dictionary/Balderdash as an alternative: – Forget I was ever here Dec 24 '13 at 23:15

A few Boggle variants I've heard of:

  • Scrabble-style: Lose the timer - take turns making words, end game when (n) words made (try about 20 to begin with). You cannot repeat a word already made.

  • Collapsing Boggle: Use a shorter timer. After it runs out, remove 1 die at random and keep going. Remove another die and have a third (and final) run through.

  • Selective Boggle: After the dice are placed, each player may rotate one die to a different side. (For a milder version, have one player rotate one die, changing players each round.)

  • Generous Boggle: Allow each die to be used multiple times in one word.

  • Scatter Boggle: Only try this with a large size 5x5 Boggle set. Instead of being adjacent, each die in the word must NOT be adjacent horizontally or vertically. (Don't count diagonals with this variant; there won't be enough options.)

    I've just invented one more while typing, so this is completely untested, and may not even make sense:

  • Apples to Boggles. Get an Apples to Apples set and play it, except that instead of picking a noun from your hand to match the topic for the round, you have to pick a word from the Boggle board to match, and convince people it's the best candidate as usual. First person to call a word gets it as her "apple" for the round. (Definitely use the "generous" rule above for this one.)

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5 letter Boggle. Minimum word length is 5 letters. You can try this with 6 or 7 letters too.

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