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Is there a WSOP (or other organisation) agreed hold-'em tournament set-up for chips and blinds schedule:

e.g. something that lays out:

Chips arrangement:
Players start with 2000 worth of chips:
200 in 5
200 in 10
500 in 25
600 in 50
500 in 100

Blinds schedule:
250-500 (max)

Blind increase: Blinds increase every 15 minutes/per knock out?

Do any sites recommend set-ups for home games for varying numbers of players (under 10)?

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The blind structure depends strongly on too many factors to have a standard structure. Most importantly it depends on the chip values you use.

You can look at the offical WSOP structure on it's site: (The "Structure Sheet" links)

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I found to be helpful when setting up my home tourney.

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