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We dug out my old X-Files CCG cards to play tonight, and in the process of playing, came across the card "Women's Health Clinic, Richville, MD".

Card Stats:

XF97‐0380v2 ‐‐ Rare
Episode: End Game
Site ‐‐ Cost: 2 RP
Keywords: Site, Mono, Result, Subterfuge
Prerequisite: SUBTERFUGE 4+
Question: You may ask one MOTIVE question.

Sites have keywords, which other cards can then play against. This card has the keywords Site, Mono, Result, Subterfuge, but lets you ask a Motive question. In the base set as well as the first expansion, if a site had Motive as the question, it would have Motive in its set of keywords.

Here is a sample of a site that makes sense (picture is a little blurry):

enter image description here

However, the "Women's Health Clinic, Richville, MD" card has Result as a keyword, but you can ask a Motive question. I can either assume 1 of 3 things:

  • The keywords should actually be Site, Mono, Motive, Subterfuge (third keyword matches the question asked)
  • The question asked should actually be Result (to match the current third keyword)
  • This is actually by design; while allowing you to ask a Motive question, it allows players to play Result-specific cards on the site instead.

We played the card as printed (you can ask a Motive question, but Result cards can be played on it), but the card threw us for a loop. Does anyone have any information if this is actually a typo of sorts, or by design?

(A spoiler of the cards can currently be found here in PDF format for those interested)

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That card says, "You may ask one Method question," not "Motive." – Jadasc Jan 21 '12 at 17:39
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Your logic is undeniable, and it seems by all accounts to be a mistake.

ALL other cards that allows questions have the question type as a keyword. Seems like this one slipped through their fingers.

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