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Do Paladins count as Adventurers?

Year one, I kill the Paladin, and no adventurers. Year two, the first spell is Magic Key (a slow spell):

Discard one of your imprisoned adventurers (if you have any).

Assuming I can't kill an adventurer and/or all the magic users, do I lose my first year paladin?

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The Paladin hates it when people lump him in with mere "adventurers" - he thinks he's better than that - but he totally is one. – thesunneversets Jun 30 '11 at 16:28
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Good question! From the FAQ: What rules and cards affect the paladin in combat?

The paladin is still an adventurer, so anything that affects adventurers affects him (including traps and attacks that damage all adventurers).

So in your example, you lose your Paladin. Dungeon Lords is indeed a brutal game...

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