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When playing Puerto Rico and using the residence building it states that it is based on the number of "occupied island spaces".

Does this mean plantation spaces with a farm and a colonist? Or does this mean plantation space with or without a colonist?

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It means just a plantation, no colonists are required.

From the rules:

Residence The owner of the occupied residence earns, at game end, additional victory points for the plantations and quarries he has placed on his island. For up to nine filled island spaces, he earns 4 VP, for ten filled island spaces, he earns 5 VP, for eleven filled island spaces, he earns 6 VP, and for all twelve spaces filled, he earns 7 VP.

Example: at game end, the owner of the occupied residence has filled 10 of his 12 island spaces with plantations and quarries: he earns an additional 5 VP.

No requirement for colonists.

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I just find it odd that it specified that the "occupied residence" means a colonist on the residence but the "occupied island spaces" does not mean a colonist on the island spaces. – Alex B Aug 11 '11 at 17:25
@alex, they definitely could have been clearer, this question comes up a lot for new players. – Lance Roberts Aug 15 '11 at 17:38

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