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When using the arsonist against the Hedge Tavern, where does the Hedge Tavern card go? Does it go to the bottom of an "Era of Turmoil" stack or does it go back to its original starting position face up?

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I would play as per the wording on the Arsonist card. Just because the Hedge Tavern has an unusual starting placement, in a face-up stack, doesn't mean it should be exempted from subsequent effects.

Given that there is an stack available with the same back as the Hedge Tavern, I see no reason why you shouldn't follow the course of action prescribed by the Arsonist card, and put the Hedge Tavern to the bottom of such a stack of the opponent's choice.

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Thank you. But the rules on page 14 state that the cards must be accessible to both players and that the cards can never be part of your hand. If I place the cards in a "draw stack" vs. back to its face up expansion stack, then eventually the card will end up in my hand. If I take the wording on the arsonist card literally, only cards that can be placed in the draw stack (not the expansion stack) can be affected. Since the Hedge Tavern cannot be placed in the draw stack, does this mean that the Hedge Tavern, Merchant Guild, and University can never be burned? – John Sep 25 '11 at 19:33 is an example of a page that suggests the Arsonist should be used to take out the Hedge Tavern where possible; this person seems to know his stuff so I don't think the Hedge Tavern can be immune. Trying to get up the Rivals PDF again so I can take a look at P14... – thesunneversets Sep 27 '11 at 16:31

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