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Toryn Gauntlet allows a hero to wield an additional weapon. Can another gauntlet be wielded? How about a third?

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This is a bit like in Magic the Gathering where you can equip human-sized helmets and swords to birds and insects and so on. My favourite online "interpretation" of three Toryn Gauntlets is a hero wearing two of them and using the third to slap the enemy in the face, challenge-to-a-duel style! +1 for the image of an awesome three-armed adventurer, anyway... – thesunneversets Sep 28 '11 at 11:15
@thesunneversets yes, but since they're only made for one hand, one has to stack them when wearing them. :) – ver Feb 1 '13 at 7:12
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Yes, you can equip multiple Toryn Gauntlets to one hero, adding the benefits together. Note also that you do not add together the weights of the various weapons - each weapon's weight is compared to the hero's strength individually, so a hero of strength 2 could equip a gauntlet (weight 2, I believe - assume it's right for the example) and another weapon of weight 4 (2 strength from the hero base and 2 strength from the gauntlet).

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