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I was playing a game of Settlers of Catan the other day and one of my fellow players rolled a seven. One of the other players was trying to convince the person who rolled seven to put the robber on me, because he thought I had a resource that I didn't. So I showed everyone my hand to prove I didn't have it. Then, the player who rolled seven placed the robber on a different player and a huge argument broke out.

I've lost my rule book, so I'm asking: is showing your resource cards like this cheating?

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You cannot show other players your cards.

From the FAQ:

Resource Cards - Do I always have to keep my Resource Cards face down?


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No, but it's common to play with a house rule that you can or must display your resource cards face up.

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Common according to who/what? – Pat Ludwig Oct 10 '11 at 21:39

It seems like you could trivially state which cards are in your hand, how you acquired each one, what you did with whatever resource card the other player thinks you may have, etc. until they are convinced that you do not have that resource.

Having said that, I have always played under the assumption that you can show your cards if you would like. I have never heard of anyone playing with all cards exposed however, that removes some element of excitement I would think.

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I don't think complete histories of the cards in your hand will necessarily be "trivial". Especially since sometimes there are complaints about time. I think it's more fun if there's the potential for a little deception as well, and it rewards anyone willing to pay attention to what resources other players are getting and spending. – Gregor Nov 29 '11 at 22:18

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