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A long time ago, my cousin taught me a card game he called "High Nines":

  • It was a trick-taking game, similar to Euchre, though it used the full card deck.
  • Trump cards were worth one point, except for the 9s, which were worth nine.
  • The 2s would stay in the score pile of the person who played them, even if they didn't take the trick.
  • There was a rule that let you double your score for the round, but it could be turned against you, somehow.

Does this game seem familiar to anyone, and can they point me to a full set of rules for it?

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It could also be a variation of Pedro. The first variation on that rules page is called High Five, which sounds similar to your game name "High Nines".

Similarities to your description:

  • uses full deck
  • trump values: trump ace ("high") ... 1 point trump jack ... 1 point trump ten (sometimes called "game") ... 1 point trump five ("pedro") ... 5 points other five of same colour ("low pedro") ... 5 points trump two ("low") ... 1 point
  • If you fail to make your bid, you subtract that amount from your score. Otherwise you score what you take and your opponents do the same.

Nine Card Don has a more pyramidal scoring structure, so I think this is a better fit.

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Sounds like you might mean Nine Card Don.

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