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If a Cylon leader is infiltrating and still on New Caprica when Galactica jumps away, do they count as a "human character left on New Caprica", thus triggering their execution? This could be relevant for the agenda cards: Join the Colonials and Show Their True Nature.

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Pegasus rulebook, pg 7:

A Cylon Leader is considered a “human player” when he is Infiltrating and a “Cylon player” when he is not Infiltrating.

I don't see an exception for infiltrating cylons on pg 17:

Once the Admiral has ordered Galactica to leave and ended the game, destroy all civilian ships still on New Caprica, and execute any human players still on a New Caprica location. If after resolving those losses, no resource has been reduced to 0 or lower, the humans win the game!

Therefore, infiltrating cylons are humans and would be executed.

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I agree. This is also supported by the Unofficial FAQ: – Todd Nov 1 '10 at 2:46

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