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Paelleall's Summoner Ability reads (emphasis mine):

Wrath of the Volcano

At the beginning of your turn, choose the shortest path from your current tile to the Dungeon Entrance tile. All other heroes within that path receive one wound marker. If multiple paths exist, choose 1.

Clearly her ability should affect heroes that share a dungeon tile with her, or they wouldn't have noted "All other heroes." Does reasoning follow that heroes on the Dungeon Entrance would be wounded as well?

Is this path inclusive of the start and end point?

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It looks like you cannot get any more definitive than the designer himself, Mr. Bistro:

Q: Is Paelleall's Wrath of the Volcano ability include hitting all other heroes on Paelleall's current tile, and any figures standing on the Entrance Tile as well? I would assume that it does, but it isn't clear to me.

A: Yes, that is the intent. Every tile in the path is hit.

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