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At first we said that he simply loses his item, and sticks around until you're respawned...but then my friend changed his mind and thought that, given we were in a real dungeon/monster/treasure situation, he'd simply whistle over the hireling, who would be lost and afraid without a hero escorting him around. Listening to him, it almost seemed as if he had the hirelings best interest in mind while crafting his argument....hmmmmm.

I gave him points for originality, but told him I'd have to consult with the community here first.

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Hirelings are just cards, like other cards. The rules for looting are quite clear - you lose all the cards you had in play. So not only do you lose anything he's carrying, you lose your Hireling too (he runs off somewhere)!


If you die, you lose all your stuff. You keep your Class(es), Race(s), and Level (and any Curses that were affecting you when you died) – your new character will look just like your old one. If you have Half- Breed or Super Munchkin, keep those as well.

Looting The Body: Lay out your hand beside the cards you had in play. Starting with the one with the highest Level, each other player chooses one card . . . in case of ties in level, roll a die. If your corpse runs out of cards, tough. After everyone gets one card, the rest are discarded.

Dead characters cannot receive cards for any reason, not even Charity, and cannot level up.

Your new character appears when the next player begins his turn, and can help others in combat . . . but you have no cards.

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All of this is just reminding me that I forgot to sacrifice my hireling, and instead failed my run away. <sigh> – Droogans Feb 11 '12 at 14:55

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