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I have done several drafts with my drafting group, but we recently elected to try the next one as Two-Headed-Giant instead of a 'normal' matches. How should my drafting strategy change to reflect this? How should my team determine what decks to play? What strategies from 'normal' MTG-drafting apply and do not apply to a THG draft?

In short, in a THG draft there are 4 teams of 2 players each, at the beginning of each round, each team (not player) gets a booster, chooses 2 cards from it, and then passes it to the next team. There are 6 rounds instead of 3, so there still ends up being 3 boosters per player. Each player then builds a deck from the cards their team has chosen, and then the matches are played. Communication between players regarding strategy during the draft is acceptable at any time as long as it is public (no passing notes)

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As far as changing your strategy goes--it really depends on which sets you are drafting as well.

A sliver based draft strategy can be quite powerful in 2HG, if that's an option.

And then you have to ask exactly what you and your partner's game plan is going to be--it may be in your best interest to build one very good deck and mediocre one, for example.

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