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I've been having fun practicing drafts on draft simulators like this one, but sometimes I'd like to actually be able to play with the deck I built. Since all of the other players on these simulators are Bots, I have to be content with always wondering if I actually drafted well or not.

Are there any ways to do this on the computer? All I really want is the ability to be able to draft and then play against my opponents without having to pay every time; I don't really care if they are human or not, but I'd prefer it if they were actually decent at the game if they are bots. I also don't care about the creating a virtual collection as I have all the pictures of cards I could possibly want on this cool little website.

I know there is Magic Online, but it's my understanding that it is far from free, so unless somebody knows of a way I can draft as many times as I want on MTGO without ever paying a dime, it does not meet my requirements. Am I doomed to never being able to get any experience similar to MTGO without shelling out a decent amount of money every time I want to play? Or is there some way to practice realistic drafts complete with swiss rounds online without paying a continual monetary upkeep?

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At the risk of offering an unpopular opinion, this question is effectively asking 'is there a way for me to pirate the draft experience?' - whether you're a fan of their choice or not, Wizards has chosen to make the draft experience a 'pay' one. While there aren't great online options for it (there are some, but not great ones), you could always cube live if you want the draft experience without the draft costs... – Steven Stadnicki Nov 4 '13 at 22:49
@StevenStadnicki Not that I'm offended, but I don't think the word "pirate" really applies to the draft any more than it does any other form of unofficial online play. – Samthere Apr 8 at 10:01

You can draft at,, or, and the free client Cockatrice is excellent for playing.

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You can use Magic Workstation. It works well and you always find player of different levels.

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Check out They have a community of gamers who use the above-mentioned tools (MWS & NetDraft) to do free drafts and sealed deck games. Its a good way to connect with outher ppl looking to draft and play. They use IRC channels to organize the drafts:

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Netdraft is free. It is unfortunately a bit of a hassle to set it all up (find opponents via mIRC, opening your firewall...).

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MTG is a free draft/sealed simulator. You can also use, another free site, to test the decks you made to see if they're any good

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I can't find; can you provide a working link? – Gordon Gustafson Apr 7 at 16:54
it's actually – Robert Wertz Apr 7 at 17:15

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