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My opponent attacks with two 4/4 creatures. I block each of them with one 2/2 creature, but have Nim Deathmantle on the field, currently not equipped to anything. When my two 2/2 creatures are put into the graveyard after the damage step, can I pay 4 mana to save one of them, equipping the Nim Deathmantle to it, and then pay another 4 to save the other, unequip from the first 2/2 creature, and now have it equipped to the other?

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It's a triggered ability, so it'll trigger every time a creature dies. If multiple creatures die simultaneously, you choose how to stack the triggers, then get to resolve them one by one.

From the card's Oracle rulings:

1/1/2011 If multiple nontoken creatures are put into your graveyard from the battlefield at the same time, Nim Deathmantle's second ability triggers that many times. You put the triggered abilities on the stack in any order, so you'll determine in which order they resolve. If you pay {4} more than once, each card you paid {4} for will end up on the battlefield under your control, and Nim Deathmantle will end up attached to the last card that returned to the battlefield this way that it could equip.

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