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I am wondering what a good strategy is to win the 'Baker's Dozen' solitaire variant? So far, I have tried to keep the cards descending in the same suit, wherever possible, but when the Kings are at the top of the tableau pile, it makes it very difficult. Thanks in advance for any help!

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OK, so I finally figured it out and for the record, here is what I found works well.

If you can stack cards descending by suit, do that but if it isn't possible and you have to stack on a different suit, make sure that there aren't any cards of the same suit that are of a LOWER value beneath them. That way you can ensure you aren't locking up that suit in that tableau pile. That worked for me! Also, don't forget that you can put an Ace on top of a 2 if you need to pull a King from another tableau pile.

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