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I used Gloria Goldberg's Psychic Sensitivity to reveal the cards in the Ceremony Room, which contained Clue 1, which also says "Reveal Objective".

As I have to return the cards face down, does that mean the objective isn't revealed till I actually properly explore the room?

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No Gloria only looks at the cards, they are not revealed. Additionally, clue 1 is always the final clue to be discovered.

The wording on Gloria's Psychic Sensitivity Ability is:

"Action: Once per game, look at all Exploration cards in the room of your choice (you must then return them in the same order)."

The rulebook states (page 9):

Explore Action - The most common action that investigators perform on their turn is Exploring a Room. During setup, the keeper places face-down exploration cards in every room on the game board. Investigators may reveal these cards by performing an explore action in the room.

Clues: These are the cards the investigators a ultimately attempting to discover. These cards have no artwork and are clearly labeled with a large number and a letter in the upper left corner. The number represents the level of the clue (clue 1 is always the final clue to be discovered), while the letter only matters during setup.

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