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In a game of Small World we were playing recently, we were facing Seafaring Sorcerers in a 5-player game, and they managed to expand very well, to the point where they were rapidly converting over most of the map. At one point, the player ran out of tokens to play.

What Happens in This Case?

Does their expansion halt completely? And if a sorcerer is killed, can they then re-use that token for conversion?

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The rules address that specific case in the section on picking a race (page 3)

If, on the other hand, a Special Power (or Race power) lets you take additional Race tokens from the storage tray during the course of the game, you are still limited by the total number of tokens physically available. So a player with 18 Sorcerer tokens on the board won't be able to use his Sorcerer power again until some of his tokens become available.

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