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In Seasons, after you have selected cards for all 3 years, can you take a look at cards from future years to plan which energy to take?

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From the rulebook section II - Constructing your deck:

From the nine power cards chosen, each player should assemble three sets of three cards each. The first set immediately forms the player’s hand, as it corresponds to the cards with which the players will begin their tournament.

The second set is placed under the Library II token and will be added to the player’s hand during the second year of the tournament. As for the third set of power cards, it is placed under the Library III token and will be added to the player’s hand during the third and final year of the tournament. At any point during the game, players can look at the power cards they’ve selected.

Emphasis mine. Assuming I've understood your question correctly, there is no bar to looking at your cards for year two and year three to remind yourself what they are.

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Thanks, looks like it's a bug in the BGA implementation. Then again, it's still in beta over there. – Thierry Lam Aug 21 '12 at 14:24

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