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A barracks add +2 to the owners Combat score and 2 Trade. A scout allows you to effectively block or steal the benefits of an opponent's buildings by standing on them.

When I have a scout on an opponent's barracks what happens with the Combat score bonus?

  • Do I steal it? (His score:0 Mine:+2)
  • He just loses it? (His score:0 Mine:0)
  • Or nothing, I just get the trade? (His score:+2 Mine:0)
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Military bonuses can be blockaded, but not stolen. So you get the trade, but nobody gets the combat advantage.

Source Blockading a Great General (Board Game Geek), from the the designer

Military bonuses CAN be blockaded, however, scouts CANNOT steal military bonuses (military bonuses weren't originally icons, and I'm pretty sure that could be game breaking).

Scouts can send home anything they're on top of except wonder abilities and military bonuses (even in another player's outskirts, even on top of a wonder, building, or great person).

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