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I like to play a game called Words With Friends, which is a freenium version of Scrabble. I thought it was however functionally the same. However, I've just seen that Zynga, the creators of the game, have released a boardgame version.

Here is a picture:

Picture of the Words With Friends board game

How does this compare to Scrabble? What are the differences?

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The board layout - the positioning of the bonus squares is different.

Words With Friends:

Words With Friends



Also, the distribution and points scored for the letters in Words With Friends is slightly different to Scrabble. For example, B and C score 3 points in Scrabble, but 4 points in Words With Friends.

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One also wonders if WWF-the-board-game is to be played with the online version's somewhat aggressive naughty-words filter, or if the full dictionary is in effect :) – Affe Oct 31 '12 at 19:00
Also, the values of some of the letters are more with WWF than of Scrabble. – Aaron Morris Oct 31 '12 at 23:04
This is also a very interesting article which helps explain why the boards differ and how Words With Friends avoids a copyright infringement lawsuit from Hasbro.… – Tapan Zee Nov 6 '12 at 17:22
Also the name doesn't evoke the Scrabble trademark, which was an issue for Scrabulous – Omar Kooheji Nov 12 '12 at 12:56

The tile distribution is different, as are the tile values.

Scrabble       WWF
Letter  (#, Value)  (#,Value)
A       (9,1)       (9,1)
B       (2,3)       (2,4)
C       (2,3)       (2,4)
D       (4,2)       (5,2)
E       (12,1)      (13,1)
F       (2,4)       (2,4)
G       (3,2)       (3,3)
H       (2,4)       (4,3)
I       (9,1)       (8,1)
J       (1,8)       (1,10
K       (1,5)       (1,5)
L       (4,1)       (4,2)
M       (2,3)       (2,4)
N       (6,1)       (5,2)
O       (8,1)       (8,1)
P       (2,3)       (2,4)
Q       (1,10)      (1,10)
R       (6,1)       (6,1)
S       (4,1)       (5,1)
T       (6,1)       (7,1)
U       (4,1)       (4,2)
V       (2,4)       (2,5)
W       (2,4)       (2,4)
X       (1,8)       (1,8)
Y       (2,4)       (2,3)
Z       (1,10)      (1,10)
Blank   (2,0)       (2,0)
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Another difference, that actually has a bigger impact on strategy, is that the BINGO bonus (the bonus for playing all 7 tiles in one move) is reduced from 50 to 35.

Together with the placement of the bonus squares (see above) often allowing quadruple letter words and 9-time scoring letters (12 if placed also in both directions), you can sometimes score higher by good placement rather than bingos.

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Words with Friends is often referred to as the advance version of the Scrabble. The main differences of the two game is that Words with Friends can be played online with friends wherever they are. It also has a feature wherein players can even chat with each other while playing the game. In this article -, you would learn more about Words with Friends and how it differs from Scrabble.

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I'm referring to the board game version. Not the electronic version. – Pureferret Nov 10 '12 at 17:39
thanks, it is noted. – Ayls Billones Nov 19 '12 at 10:16

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