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One of my friends asked me this question recently, and I couldn't answer it, so I thought I'd pass it along:

Is it possible to have a tie in Munchkin (elf assisting in a victory to have two people land on level 10 simultaneously)?

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Yes that is one way to achieve a tie. A SJG representative confirmed it (with a slight clarification with regard to being enthralled):

Q: I was playing the original Munchkin game as an elf who gains a level for each monster that they help kill. I was enthralled to fight by a bard. We were both level 9 and killed the three monsters. Since we both gained the three levels we were both level 10 at the same time. Who wins?

A: It's a Level gained by killing, so the Elf can, in fact, get the winning Level by helping.

Missed the Bard wrinkle, so here's the proper official answer: The Elf couldn't have been enthralled in the first place. Had he been enthralled, before the win was on the line for the Bard, he still could have won the game, but if suddenly the Bard had the chance to win the game as well, the enthralled Elf leaves the combat outright. The Bard can still get help, but has to do it based on his real personality, not some Svengali like ability. . .

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Another way to have a tie would be to have a Divine Intervention event grant a level to two or more 9th-level Clerics at once; Divine Intervention being a specific exception to the rule that you can only hit 10th level by killing.

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Yes, ties are very possible as the previous answers have stated.

Although the Divine Intervention card makes for an amazing upset win card that frustrates all the sore losers, it's extremely fun to play with.

You could implement house rules to prevent the elf helping to obtain the winning level; that rule seems a bit cheap.

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