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I picked up Talisman awhile ago and am enjoying it as are my friends. However we aren't much of ones for the "PvP" (player versus player) encounters which works fine until the end game and reaching the Crown of Command. We of course finish the game but it's just not as enjoyable for us. I tried looking up information on the expansions and possibilities of alternate non-PvP endings, where we do not have to kill each other in order to win, but descriptions on the expansions don't give many specifics on alternate endings. The only one that really seemed like it had a PvE (player versus environment) ending was the Dragon expansion. My question basically is, what Talisman expansions offer a PvE end goal and what are they?

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For those who aren't familiar: PvP is Player vs. Player; PvE is Player vs. Environment. – sitnaltax Nov 10 '12 at 17:42
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I am going to assume that you only are considering the Fourth Edition Expansions by Fantasy Flight Games, since I assume that the Games Workshop editions are incompatible. The Dragon and Sacred Pool Expansion should fit your needs with all 3 alternate endings being PvE.

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Perhaps this answer could be updated to reflect new expansions? – Thunderforge Jun 22 '15 at 19:52

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