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There is a card game I used to play when I was in school in the Middle East--which I understand is based on a French game called Belote.

Does anyone know of an English set of rules for this game?

The game involves 4 players in two teams, only uses the 7's and up of each suit (A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7).

Each turn starts with a bidding process for the top card; it's either chosen to be the trump suite or not.

Scoring is different for the trump suit as is, the rank of the cards, (trump: J,9,A,10,K,Q,8,7) vs (non-trump: A,10,K,Q,J,9,8,7).

Each round consists of a player playing one card into the pile, the team with the highest value card wins that round.

There are also sets of cards like three/four/five in a row or 4 of a kind that are worth bonus points.

I'm looking for a concise set of rules in English for this game, preferably the Arabic variant, if not the French original.

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It looks like I misspelt the name of the game. It's actually Belut or Belote

I've found a set of rules here:

The only difference in rules to what I'm used to that I can see from a glance is that 4 Aces is worth 400 points.

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I usually resort to pagat, as they have an almost comprehensive number of card game rule descriptions. – user1873 Nov 12 '12 at 14:55

You can find here : some additionnal information.

The Belote rules seems so easy, but there were so much strategy going on. In France, they prefer a lot Belote to Poker. This game is known because in every family (and at school) they play belote on Sunday after the meal.

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Welcome to B&CG! Thanks for your answer. – SocioMatt May 7 '13 at 13:11

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