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We just played a 4 player game of Game of Thrones and wondered a bit about the balance of house Baratheon. Unlike in the 3 player game where all of the southern zones are excluded from the game and can't be conquered, in the 4 player game all of those zones can now be captured with a relatively small army - there are a number of forts in those zones and house Baratheon is in prime position to take pretty much all of them simply by extending their fleet south a little bit.

In the game we just played I was House Baratheon and I managed to win fairly comfortably on around turn 5, despite not really twigging onto the potential of this strategy for a couple of turns. I also felt kind of cheap and so didn't really use this strategy as much as I could have done - it seemed that a player properly exploiting this strategy would be at a massive advantage.

Should some of these zones be excluded as they are in the 3 player game, or is simply intended that the other 3 players be aware of this and work together to stop house Baratheon from managing to do this?

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From what I can recall there are some completely out of bound territories in a 4-player game - I'm not sure you can make it right to the bottom of the map. Yes, I suppose it is easier for them to get a good start but really it is down to the other players pushing from the North and the West.

The pace of the 4 player game is considerably faster so you can't afford to sit back and bide your time like in a full 6-player game. You will very quickly get to a point where someone (or a few people) are only one or two captures from victory. And it will stay like that for the rest of the game, with the balance finely shifting until someone manages to take that last castle or stronghold.

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Sounds like some of our tiles might be miss-printed then. The only completely out-of-bound territory in our game was the 5th and 6th house home territories. –  Justin Nov 20 '12 at 9:59
Well I'm only working from memory, so that could still be right. As Baratheon push South to do a land grab, everyone else needs to get on the offensive and attack on the other front(s)! –  Daniel Lim Nov 21 '12 at 10:03

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