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Father Joseph has the Strength of Spirit ability:

take a wound to cancel any Zombie Card on the roll of 3+

Does this mean that Father Joseph only takes a wound if the roll is successful, or does he still take a wound if the roll fails?

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Father Joseph takes the wound first, and then rolls to try and cancel the Zombie card.

From the FAQ, here:

Q11: How does Father Joseph’s Strength of Spirit ability work?

A11: Strength of Spirit may be used at any time to attempt to Cancel a Zombie Card being played or that ‘Remains in Play’. Father Joseph first takes a wound and then rolls to cancel the Zombie Card on the roll of 3+. He may use this ability even if doing so will take his last wound, killing him (you are still allowed to roll to see if the card is cancelled). He may also use this ability multiple times to try and cancel the same card (assuming he failed the first time by rolling a 1 or 2). He may even use this ability during a Fight. This is especially useful if he is about to lose a Fight and take his last wound. He may instead, voluntarily take his last wound to try and cancel an existing Zombie Card (sort of a ‘with his last breath’ notion).

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