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I'm looking for a list of the dimensions of all the bases in Warhammer 40k.

I know there is a 60mm base, for large models, and there is one that is 120mm x 55mm for really large models.

I don't know the sizes for the smaller models, or for the flying models.

I feel like a list of all the sizes would be very handy, but I can't find all of them in one place. A list of all the square bases from Warhammer Fantasy would be useful too. I don't own many of those models, so I have nothing to measure.

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These are the supported base sizes in 40K

  • Standard Infantry - 25mm round
  • Large Infantry - 40mm round
  • Monsters - 60mm round
  • Flyer - 90x120mm oval
  • Bike Bases - 25x70mm oval
  • Clear flight stands small - 30mm round
  • Clear flight stands large - 60mm round

For Fantasy:

  • Standard Infantry - 20mm square
  • Large Infantry - 25mm square
  • Monsters - 40mm square
  • Cavalry - 25x50mm rectangle
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Perfect! That is super helpful! – meltdownmonk Dec 3 '12 at 18:09

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