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In Monopoly City can I buy a district after landing there taking the train via a station?

Background: I rolled the dice, went forward and ended up on a district owned by me that includes a train station. I decided to take the train to Diamond Hills which had a train station as well, but was not owned by anyone yet. Can I now purchase Diamond Hills?

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Yes, the rules specifically tell you you can. Under the Where Did You Land section on (page 7)

A district you own:

Do nothing unless there is a railroad on it. If so, you can immediately move to any other district with a railroad on it and buy it or auction it (if it is unowned) or pay rent (if it belongs to another player).

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haha obviously. During our game of yesterday I read the station rules on page 9 and couldn't find the answer. So we applied common sense and came up with a house rule. The rules on page 7 are very clear though. Thanks for pointing them out to me. – Bazzz Dec 8 '12 at 7:27

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