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If the runner access an agenda which gives them enough points to win the game, but the corporation is Jinteki and deals 1 net damage as a result which is enough to kill the player and win the game, which side wins?

I think that the general rules on triggered abilities and simultaneous actions state that the player who's turn it is can resolve the order, but it isn't clear if this applies to win conditions as well. This would mean the runner wins in this situation, is that correct?

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It's not actually completely simultaneous; the Runner wins the game.

From the Android: Netrunner FAQ:

If the Runner steals an agenda from Jinteki using the core set identity, but has no cards in hand, who wins?
The Runner wins the game. Whenever a player has 7 or more agenda points in his score area, the game immediately ends. The game ending takes precedence over any conditional ability that triggers when an agenda is stolen.

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Ah, including that FAQ with the boxed set would have been helpful! – Nick Dec 26 '12 at 16:39

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