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You have to assume that the third card will be a calamity: the rules are designed to prevent you being certain, but it's always wise to expect the worst, and very likely in your position. You need to consider Which calamity will it be? Depending on how many cities your trading partner has, there are several he may have picked up and wish to trade; if you ...


The requirement is to correctly state the number of cards, and at least two cards by name. The best bet is to have the player state the total in the trade quickly; it forces him to think fast. Then compare the value. 28.3 Each trade must involve at least three trade cards on each side. A player with fewer than three trade cards may not trade. When ...


While I don't know any, you can easily figure it out and try if that works. Official rules state: pla pan tok 9 - 8 4/5 47 7 4/5 55 6 4 55 5 3w 47 4 2e+ 55 3 2w- 47 (players, panels, tokens) I find it odd it allows 7 and 8 players to play with either 4 or 5 panels without varying the amount of token to use. I read it "...


Check out the Civ Expansion Project. Allows up to 18 players!


Our group plays regularly with 9 players. We add a Hittite empire using the orange Asia tokens starting in the small 1'er space in the middle east (Jerusalem?). This empire uses the Asia AST and has a "start location" for barbarian hordes of the two large 1'er spaces of the Arabian desert.

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