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The Bohnanza rulebook on page 3 states that the "first card" in each player's hand is the one that is fully visible when fanned. Rulebook here.


I'd say that if there was an argument, the "front" of your hand would be the card that you can completely see when it's fanned.


1 Does my Carbonite Cousin need feeding each harvest that he's not in my house? No. He's frozen in carbonite. As Threepio says "He should be quite well-protected -- if he survives the freezing process, that is." 2 Does he still take up a space in the house (e.g. for family growth)? No. As Han Solo said, the point is: "To freeze a being solid, then ...


The last sentence on the German card is a bit clearer: Wenn du Franz ausgespielt hast und bei Spielende nicht mehr hast, kannst du "Ich bin nicht Franz!" sagen und erhaelst 1 Sonderpunkt. That is: "If you played Franz and don't have it any more at the game's end...". Which says that you only receive the bonus point at the end of the game. The condition ...


Yes to all three. There would have to be exceptions listed on the card, or in the rules insert to do otherwise. There are none. We can make assumptions based on what we "know" being frozen in carbonite means, however the current game rules do not support that.


From the rules posted here: If your home is destroyed, its spaces count as “unused” and your family sleeps under the stars until it is rebuilt. You must take a Renovate action to renovate to a new Wooden hut.) I'd say that it's not a free action. I don't have an official ruling on Wood Carver, but I'd say that it would apply.

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