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There is a website that lists out all of the cards and effects here. The card you are asking about is the Artisan: At most once per harvest, when you use an improvement to convert a building resource to food, you receive 2 additional food. You can search through that list for things like "2 additional food" to find similar cards.


The purpose of the marking is to help the players to remove the cards from the deck before playing which do not fit the player count. Specifically, many of the occupations refer to spaces on the board that are not present in lower player counts, such as "Travelling Players", which is only present with 4 or more players, and thus all of its associated ...


Well, breeding animals should be enough to feed your family if you have a cooking hearth. Breeding Sheep gives you 2f per harvest, Boar give you 3f, and Cows give you 4f. That's 9f per harvest once you have them all going. The problem is having space for all of the animal types, then getting your hands on them. One card that helps with both those aspects ...

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