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The sole* value of getting family growth is having extra action. Each round that you can get family growth earlier and is one extra action you can take. *Actually there are other reasons you might want to take family growth earlier - to block other people from taking it that round, or in order to not lose out on the three points for the family member at ...


No, the field does not 'top up'. You cannot sow the field again until it is empty again. From the page 6 of the rules: Grain may be sown in empty fields. In the side panel: 1 Grain becomes 3, 1 Vegetable becomes 2. Players can use the Sow action to sow several empty fields at once. It is irrelevant whether Grain or Vegetables was sown in the ...


To me, the benefits of these cards have always seemed limited for several reasons: Initial outlay. You need to invest a number of wood into the card to begin with. Delayed gratification. The first harvest after you sow the forester/copse, you simply get back your initial investment, therefore it is two harvests before you get any benefit at all. This is ...


I can't believe nobody mentioned the axe. In 2 player it's balanced, 3 player gets pretty great, 4/5 player where you can get the needed stone + additional things on the first move it gets nuts! I think our group will ban it in 4/5 player games from now on. We just had a mini tournament and Axe ruled in every game it came up

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