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Yes, that's correct. The only reason you would draw another Mythos card would be if it was a Rumor. Otherwise the first Mythos works just like every subsequent Mythos.


As far as I can tell, there is no specific King in Yellow great old one. If you're talking about Hastur as the great old one, that's a different story. Thematically, The King in Yellow is actually Hastur's avatar. So, in that sense, it might make perfect sense to use both of them in conjunction. Mechanically, they're just two parts of the game board that ...


I think the "Gate and a monster" effect still needs to follow the basic rules on placing a gate. This means if you are at a location with an Elder Sign, the gate doesn't open, and if you are at a location with an open gate, then a monster surge happens. So, you are on a location with an open gate, and you have explored it. A gate opens in your location. ...

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