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You don't draw a monster. Like you said, you just make a combat check - except there is a modifier, the (-1) specified by the encounter. And it really is a combat check, not a weird fight check; that's why your items with combat modifiers apply. If a monster is to appear, the card will say so, and plenty do.


If a mythos card with no gate is drawn during step 14 of Game Setup, discard it and draw again until you draw a mythos card that depicts a gate. Source: Arkham Horror Core FAQ or Complete Arkham Horror FAQ, "Rule Changes and Clarifications" (page 2 in both sources)


You may cast and exhaust to gain +1 to all skill checks for the rest of this turn.


Reroll all 4 dice. It's important to do things in the right order though. Using the cigarette case and then clues results in fewer total rolls. This is clarified in the FAQ contained within the Dunwich Horror rules Q: How does a re-roll work? Can you re-roll only the skill dice that you have before spending Clue tokens, or can you re-roll all the ...


You can use powers like that before drawing the encounter, or after resolving it (if you are not yet unconscious/insane), but you cannot use it during the resolution of an encounter. From the Arkham Horror FAQ (page 14): Q: When can a character perform actions during a phase? For example, if a player with the ally Duke (“discard to immediately ...


It means you merely skip the roll (you do not skip all upkeep instructions) "It's like a salary. You usually get them through encounters. Darrell Simmons and Rita Young also start with one." "If you have a copy of a "special" card, i.e. Retainer, Blessing, or Curse, and you receive another one, it replaces ...


Using this card when the terror level is increased by 1 would effectively make it increase by 0 and prevent the requirement to place the yellow sign token. Notice the wording of the card is to discard it when the terror level is increased to reduce the amount increased. If it had said something along the lines of discarding it to decrease the terror level, ...


It's possible to houserule anything, and these cards aren't an exception. Just have in mind that if you want to add these in using just the Dunwich Horror rules, it will decrease the game's difficulty considerably. In the core game when your Sanity or Stamina drops to 0 you: Discard half of your items Discard half of your Clues Recover 1 Sanity or Stamina ...


It is definitely possible, I have played with the base game plus only the Injury and Madness cards from Dunwich Horror before on at least a couple of occasions. The only downside to this is a slight difficulty increase. The Dunwich Horror location cards (for both the Dunwich Horror map locations, and for the existing St. Mary's Hospital and Arkham Asylum ...

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