Axis and Allies is a franchise of World War II simulation board games that pit the Axis powers of Germany and Japan against the Allied powers of the United States, United Kingdom, and Russia.

Axis and Allies is played on a world map that integrates an economic model with a strategic combat simulation. Capturing territories increases a nation's industrial capacity, which can be used to research advanced technologies or purchase military units to be fielded at production centers.

Axis and Allies has a diverse set of air-, sea-, and land-based combat units, each of which has a unique strength in attack and defense. Armies, Navies and Air Forces are maneuvered on the map to gain strategic and tactical advantages and combat is resolved by rolling dice.

There have been four major versions of A&A (First Edition, Second Edition, A&A Revised, and A&A 50th Anniversary), each of which has slightly modified the rules and game play. Additionally, several theater-specific variants have been developed, such as A&A Pacific and A&A Europe.

Axis and Allies is designed for between 2 and 5 players and average game play is several hours.

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