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You are 100% correct. Retreating is part of general combat, Strategic bombing is a special type of attack that has no concept of retreating. AA units only get one shot at the inbound bombers, so unless you changed your mind about the bombers actually carrying out the attack, retreating has no meaning with respect to strategic bombing.


Interested in what you say here about the Allies having a slight edge. I assume you mean First Edition here. My friend and I have been playing for years. We originally used to think that the Allies were slightly ahead. Usually this was due to US being able to afford a bomber or two that nails down German economy. We have had the optional rule of fighter ...


Yes, you can use your non-combat move phase to have a carrier move to a position so that those planes that were moved in the combat move phase can land. Fighters land in the non-combat move phase of the turn. When you move fighters in the combat move phase, you can only move them to squares where you can show that it is possible (even if it doesn't end up ...


Yes. Submarines that are not under threat from an enemy destroyer can use their special ability to choose to make a surprise strike (either on attack or defense) or choose to submerge. This occurs before any dice are rolled by either side. From Axis 1942 Second Ed. Rules, P14, General Combat, Step 2: Before the general sea battle takes place (steps ...

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