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No - land units can never hit a naval unit in any event. Plus, the only purpose of a battleship during an amphibious assault is to conduct a shore bombardment. Once completed, the battleship is removed from the battle-board and is no longer part of the combat.


I assume you are referring to 1942 2nd Edition. If so, I don't think you need to fix the German navy at all - I think the Axis have an advantage in this game to begin with. MM


Germany first two turns ten+ infantry after that 1 fighter plus infantry the rest of the game it is IMPERATIVE however that you do not lose ANY fighters or your bomber once you have 8 or 9 fighters and 1 bomber you can do whatever you like in europe by that time japan will have eroded russia and picked off every available dollar eg. australia new ...


At the beginning of the game, units are started at designated spots dictated by the map, and by the rules (reflecting historical deployments). As the game proceeds, land and air units start at one of your industrial complexes, while sea units start at one of the sea zones adjacent to one of your industrial complexes. By definition, the industrial complexes ...


No. New units can only be placed at industrial complexes. From the rules, page 21, "Action Sequence 5 - Place New Units On Gameboard": Place newly purchased land units and air units in territories where you have owned industrial complexes since the beginning of your turn-not in just-captured territories with industrial complexes. Furthermore Any units ...


This is a tough one. But it appears to indicate that under certain circumstances, the U.S. and Britain together could have won, even if Russia is falling. Your game illustrates how. 1) Secure North Africa, and with it, the road to the Middle East and India. 2) Using India as a base, reclaim China, Indochina, and some of the Pacific Islands from Japan. This ...

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