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The base rules, page 17, has an "Example of a Skill Check" (emphasis added): The player to the current player’s left plays two Skill Cards into the pile. The next player decides not to play any cards, and finally, the current player plays a single card. I don't think they would have included this if a person had to play a skill card.


Sometimes, it's known that someone has only "negative" colours. Forcing then to play makes no sense. We've never forbidden zero cards in the above scenario or any other, and this is supported by the rules. Starting with the player that is Play Skills: to the left of the current player (and ending with the current player), each player may play any number ...


There is some strategies that can make you human group win. Is hard to fight the cylons in the board game (exactly like the TV show), but not impossible, even without changing the resources markers to a easier scenario. Here some of them: Have a balanced team, including the Support character: try to establish a balanced team, considering the number of ...

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