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Page 28 of the rulebook says: Should the President or Admiral be revealed as a Cylon, the highest player in the line of succession for that title claims it. so it will never go to the "next" person in line, always to the highest (non-Cylon).


The Cylons and the Cylon leader win the game, together. The Agenda Card condition indicates which side they favor. They will have another condition which seems counter to their allegiance, but they are predominantly on one side or the other. From page 10 of the Pegasus rule book: Note that Cylon Leaders may win with the humans or the Cylons, as ...


The strategies vary based on which expansions are being used and the number of players in the game. For purposes of this answer, I'll assuming you're using ONLY the base game and Daybreak (which is my favorite way to play BSG), and have a full complement of 7 players (including a Cylon Leader). Overall, Battlestar is a resource management game. For the ...


The situation of having only one Cylon in a 5/6 player game is possible if using the Exodus rules for execution and loyalty deck setup. The Exodus expansion added the concept of "You are not a Cylon" deck in addition to the Loyalty deck, and also an additional step to Human Execution: The player adds one card from the “You Are Not a Cylon” deck to the ...


This is corrected in the official FAQ: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Battlestar_Galactica/bsg_FAQ_1-1-3-new.pdf On page 28, the rules for Line of Succession should read “Should the President or Admiral be revealed as a Cylon, the highest player in the line of succession for that title claims it.”


The best you can do is to say that a game will be "minimal spoilers" as opposed to "no spoilers". Problem is, someone who's more perceptive in observation and putting two and two together will notice things that give away plot points, personalities, and situations from the various cards. Hell, many of the crisis cards depict struggles in the TV show, with ...


Keep the Mutiny well managed. You don't want all 3 humans in the Brig. if the cylon president already has a Mutiny, use Admin to force the president title to a human Use the other Colonial One location to discard a Mutiny card without playing a harmful effect Use Treachery that gives characters Mutiny to Brig unrevealed cylons Play Mutiny cards ...

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