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The ACBL alert chart explicitly calls out several of these bids as non-alertable. The others (1M rebid promising unbalanced) is covered by the "natural bids not otherwise mentioned" section. So in the US, at least, none of these bids requires an alert.


In "Two Over One Game Force" by Max Hardy (1990), Hardy explicitly states that the responses of 1D, 1H and 1S over an opening of 1C are alertable (pp 297) and that the rebids of 1H, 1S and 1NT by opener after a response of 1D to a 1C opening are alertable (pp 301). This comment on page 301 suggests that opener's rebids over responders 1H call to a 1C opening ...


The answer to this question will be very heavily dependent on your group, and their groupthink. In my experience, often bidding 3 on the blade would not result in getting it (I would probably be 2nd or 3rd, with someoen else going all in on the sword), while a bid of 2 on the Raven would probably be enough to get me at least one star (with someone else ...

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