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Oye vey. It is too restrictive to expect lots of points and a 6 card suit. You want to use 2C for most hands with either 22+ high card points or 9 offensive tricks (generally 1 short of game). Two suited hands might be best handled with other systems. Generally 2C if you don't want partner to PASS. Responses: I can think of at least five different ...


I'm not at all sure what the prevailing agreement is by rubber players, but the Standard American Yellow Card is marked "RONF" (raise-only non-forcing), which I suggest you and your partner adopt. The SAYC booklet has this to say: “RONF” on the card means “Raise Only Non-Force.” A new-suit response is forcing one round and shows at least a five-card suit. ...


The short answer is that your supposition is correct. Just be sure to discuss it with your partner since you always want him to know what to expect. For more see Mike Lawrence's The Complete Book of Overcalls in Contract Bridge.


I like to think that 1-level overcalls have three purposes, at least two of which should be fulfilled to justify the overcall: Showing values Directing the defense (ie showing a good suit you want partner to lead) Preempting the opponents So eg I'm happier to overcall 1S over 1C with a weaker hand than over 1H. 2-level overcalls are trickier. It is far ...

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