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There's no one correct answer for a situation like this. It's a judgement call. I would have passed, for two reasons. One is that the club overcall means my CK is less likely to be useful. The other is that I was understrength for 1NT to begin with. The hand counts to 15 HCP, but it's worth somewhat less due to the lack of aces and the unprotected SQ. This ...


If you and your partner agree that this double is takeout (which is a normal agreement), this is the sort of hand that should make that call.


You have absolutely no business reopening this hand - the point of a 1NT opener is to make it so descriptive that partner is now Captain, and partner should be making a cooperative double when your side has the balance of the points. If he makes no move, neither do you. West definitely rescued you when he bid 2C with his balanced 23 count. You rescued him ...

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